Peppermint oil is obtained from a peppermint plant and it is a pure essential oil which contains various beneficial compounds plus menthol. Peppermint oil is used to fragrance soaps and cosmetics. It is also often used in aromatherapy where it is diluted in a carrier, inhaled through a diffuser and applied to the skin. 

How peppermint oil is made: 

Peppermint oil is steam stilled from leaves of the peppermint plant and has a refreshing scent. Our Peppermint essential oil contains no synthetic fragrance, it is cooling, pure and 100% natural.


  • For topical use: dilute one to two drops in a carrier then apply to the particular area. 
  • For diffussion: Use about three to four drops of peppermint oil in your desired diffuser. 


  • Peppermint oil is an excellent natural ingredient, however, needs to be used with some caution as it can sensitise skin and should not be consumed or applied directly to the skin. 
  • Please consult a doctor before use if pregnant. 
  • Keep out of reach of children. 
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