About Us

At TEKO NATURALS, we do business in a way that benefits everyone.

Right from the start of the production process up to the moment when you are using one of our excellent products, you can be satisfied all the products are authentic.

Our Nilotica raw unrefined Shea Butter and Nilotica Shea Oil are produced in Uganda by traditional methods that don't harm the environment, producing 100% natural products. All our other products are fairly traded and not tested on animals.

All of our packaging and postage bags are made from either recycled materials or sustainably sourced.


All TEKO NATURALS hair and skin care products are 100% natural and are of great value, high quality.

These natural ingredients used have all been carefully sourced from suppliers all over the world and have been chosen because of their natural healing properties, giving an excellent sense of comfort and luxury to our products so you can enjoy them fully.